When you remember you have a blog

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I last blogged February 9, 2021 – so here we are, not quite a full year later. Just a short and sweet entry to say hello.

I get emails like this:

and feel attacked, like, I know I have a blog and thank you for caring about it because I obviously don’t and then life just moves on to the next.

I struggle now, sharing things here. Nothing seems important enough. Everyone is trying to keep it together for themselves, their families, students, and friends. Blogging used to be a priority in every week and then month, at least, in my life. I was doing a lot of reading and learning and reflecting. I don’t think I stopped learning, and I definitely reflect – inwardly, not willing necessarily to put it out in this space or anywhere else, for that matter.

It’s also like super cold outside all of the time which probably definitely impacts my ability to string together coherent sentences.

The other day on Twitter, Bud Hunt who’s a super fantastic thinker mentioned he was “starting fresh” on on a feed reader (A FEED READER, how do I log into Feedly again? I wondered) and asked, Who should I be reading?

If you think of someone, reply to Bud’s tweet and then also comment below with your suggestions because I used to love dialoguing in blog comment threads.

That was the best.

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