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This blog has certainly taken a back seat in the grand scheme of working and learning, but I wanted to share a few things we’ve been working on in the Office of Professional Learning. If you’re a Berks County educator or nearby in PA, please consider joining us!

STEELS Professional Learning Catalog 23-24

Pennsylvania’s new STEELS standards are here, and it’s time to learn more about science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts! We are offering sessions all about phenomena-based, three-dimensional teaching and learning, as well as curriculum sessions targeted for both elementary and secondary levels. Hope you can join us!

2023-24 STEELS Professional Learning BCIU 14 by Lyn Hilt

FLEX Professional Learning on Teachable

FLEX header on Teachable website

We now offer enrollment in 35+ asynchronous courses for educators, and we provide Act 48 hours for Pennsylvania educators who complete all required tasks. Various content areas are represented, and time required to complete a learning module ranges from 1-6 hours. No live meetings, work at your own pace, at times that best fit your schedule. Sign up for a free Teachable account (or sign in with your current account) to enroll in our FLEX offerings! If you have suggestions for courses you’d like to see offered, comment below or email lynhil@berksiu.org.

Berks STEM Connection

Berks STEM Connection logo

Stay informed about what’s happening with the Berks STEM Connection Ecosystem! Join our mailing list to receive our monthly newsletters. We host STEM network meetings each year and regularly share information from our STEM partners in business and non-profit organizations.

You can also follow @BerksSTEM on Twitter!

Don’t forget, you can also use keywords to search through our BCIU Frontline catalog to find additional workshops that interest you.

We’re looking forward to learning with you this year!

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