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I appreciate the professional relationships I have formed with educators around the world. Below please find testimonials shared by those with whom I’ve worked and learned.


Lyn worked with two of our tech integration specialists and me to develop an agenda, review results of a teacher survey to differentiate sessions, and delivered quite possibly the BEST PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY EVER!! The agenda topics together with Lyn’s willingness to work with two of our tech integration people and to differentiate the sessions along the way resulted in an absolutely perfect day. Every single teacher who spoke with me the day after the PD Day told me that it was the best professional development experience they ever had. To the person, teachers reported that they left knowing how to use Google Classroom, that Google Docs and Forms are their new productivity tools that they are now using today in their classes, and that they are exploring which add-ons, apps, and extensions to begin using. In one day of professional development Lyn definitely changed the way our teachers will be looking at the way teaching and learning will be happening!! It is impossible for me to express my gratitude to Lyn for the impact she has had on our teachers! She infused them with the inspiration and encouragement to make a change for the better. And she demonstrated that using technology to engage learning can be creative and even fun for teachers too!

-Anchen Schulz, Principal, Archbishop Carroll High School, PA

Lyn was a presenter at our school for a 2-Day Google Workshop. She was absolutely amazing! Our teachers are really excited about using Google Apps for Education and Lyn geared them up with a stronger understanding of Google Drive, Apps, Extensions, and Add-ons. Lyn set up the perfect program for our teachers that addressed all levels of abilities. The activities she designed really gave our teacher a great insight into the world of Google and provided them with the knowledge to begin creating interactive lessons that will help prepare our students for 21st Century Learning. In the few short weeks we have been in school, our classrooms are alive with inquiry, creative thinking and collaboration.
I strongly recommend this workshop for schools to help teachers become familiar with GAFE. There is so much out there and Lyn was great about pulling the best combination of information for a workshop suited to the specific needs of our teachers.

-Janet Jenkins, Director of General Studies, Hebrew Academy of Tidewater

Lyn was a great facilitator. She really understood the teachers perspective and was excellent in reaching out to reluctant teachers and tech savvy ones. Her presentations are differentiated for individual levels of comfort and expertise of each teacher. She was really resourceful and inspiring. Our teachers and administrators are already tinkering with the plethora of tools Lyn shared with us.

 -Rabbi Menda, Director of Judaic Studies, Hebrew Academy of Tidewater

Lyn presented on G Suite for Education. She was very knowledgeable and someone I would consider an expert in the use of G Suite for Education applications.
I liked Lyn’s approach. I feel that she explained exactly where and what to click on which was beneficial to many of our staff members. She also circulated the room regularly and provided additional support and guidance for those who needed it.

-Mary Vaccaro, Media Specialist, Henry P. Becton Regional High School, NJ

I had the pleasure of having Lyn be a facilitator at two of the events I run called AcceleratED and IntegratED Portland. She masterfully facilitated active learning in three workshops titled: 1) Beyond Just a Blog, 2) Developing Digital Learning Communities with Google+ & 3) Innovative Professional Development. Lyn worked to create creative and unique content, meanwhile leveraging her years of experience and professional learning community to offer the IPDX community a myriad of strategies to take back and use the next day. Our community is better off because they got to experience Lyn’s passion, expertise and willingness to help other educators (administrators & teachers) grow. I wanted to have Lyn back the following year but she chose to put her family first. A quality that some businesses may struggle with but I respect and adore the choice because I think it speaks to her values as a thoughtful, caring, responsible human being. We need more Lyn’s in education and beyond.

-Darren Hudgins, Director of Instructional Technology, OETC (Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum)

Lyn is one of 24 authors of the third edition of Powerful Designs for Professional Learning (2015), a best-selling book from Learning Forward (formerly the National Staff Development Council). I selected her based on recommendations, and she wrote an impressive chapter on using social media for professional learning for educators (teachers, principals, and others). By invitation, she presented the gist of her chapter at a pre-conference of the Learning Forward in 2014. She not only presented her cutting edge ideas about how to use social media, she also set up our day-long workshop so that participants connected through social media during and after the day together. She was very organized, and everyone wanted the incredible Powerpoint slides that she crafted. She covered a somewhat threatening (to some) topic is a way that made everyone in the room feel empowered to use social media. Very impressive — and not just to me! Her understanding of the needs of educators combined with her keen understanding of the latest in technology make Lyn a leader in the fields of education and technology. I would work with Lyn again if i got the chance!

-Lois Brown Easton, Ph.D., Senior Consultant, Learning Forward

Lyn Hilt’s professionalism and expertise was welcomed in my district. I attended her workshops on technology integration to a variety of groups in a range of grade levels and administration. Her approach was always engaging and differentiated to match the needs and entry level of the participants. I would recommend Lyn without reservation. Her work with our district technology specialists has resulted in positive and effective technology integration across the curriculum and professional development for teachers.

-Diane Schultes, Director Of Curriculum, Wyckoff Board of Education (NJ)

Over the last several years, Lyn Hilt has presented over 30 education-related webinars for SimpleK12. Her online presentations have included using various tech tools, strategies, and tips to improve or incorporate literacy skills, productivity, communication, collaboration, social media, blogging, professional development, and more in schools and classrooms. Lyn’s experiences as a teacher, principal, and tech coordinator provide a unique perspective that allows her to consider issues and topics from various points of view. I have found Lyn to be knowledgeable, reliable, and responsive, and I happily look forward to working with her further!

-Sari Acuri, Content Manager, Simple K-12

Lyn designed a professional learning experience for 35 special education directors in New Jersey. Excellent workshop around the Google suite and how these can impact services to special education students. Lyn is an excellent presenter. She is motivating, engaging and clear understands her audience and their needs.

-Dr. Richard O’Malley, Superintendent, Edison Township Schools, NJ

Lyn facilitated a middle school professional development session for our region. The staff feedback we received for Lyn was extremely positive. Those who attended the session learned a great deal of practical information specific to instructional technologies for whole class and individualized assessment design. Lyn was knowledgeable and engaging. We would welcome her return should the need arise!

-Director of Curriculum & Instruction, NJ

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