This Sunday, September 26, at 5:30 PM EST, Connected Principals will host its first chat on Elluminate. See all of the details on George Couros’s blog here: This is an event you won’t want to miss, and I am incredibly humbled to be joining fellow administrators Dave Meister, George Couros, and Patrick Larkin in addressing… Read More

For an elementary principal, enrolling in a course titled “Secondary Education Seminar” was a bit intimidating. Little kids = Awesome; Big kids = Scary. (Kidding.) But it turns out, learning is learning on any level, and our class spends the majority of our time discussing learning. Last night we explored the topic of “ownership” in… Read More

I had the pleasure of experiencing our first Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) cohort session today, facilitated by the inspiring Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Will Richardson. My teammates are four enthusiastic, elementary teachers who I could not be more pleased to have joining me on this journey, and our cohort includes about 18 different teams from our county and surrounding… Read More

I am personally struggling right now with a situation involving a child of a friend, who does not attend my school, who has had a difficult start to the school year. He says his teacher is “mean.” She has kept him in from recess on multiple days because his handwriting exercises weren’t satisfactory. She uses… Read More

Many look to the principal to be the problem solver. We can’t agree on how to schedule these students. What should we do? There’s an issue with the lunch cards in the cafeteria. How should we handle it? My child is being bothered by another student. Can you help us? We’ve tried many different instructional… Read More

Being a paparazzi principal does have its perks… we showed the video below today at our Welcome Back assembly…the students love seeing themselves and their friends, teachers, parents, and siblings on the big screen! It warms my heart when they giggle at the funny faces and cheer for their grade levels! I’ll definitely post this… Read More

(Author’s note: The full title of this post is A Principal’s First Day of School: Ramblings of a Crazyperson.) Most of us know what it’s like to be a student on the very first day of school. We lived it: new backpack, school supplies, and choosing the perfect outfit. Many of us who have spent… Read More

Today  is opening day for teachers! Exclamation mark! As a teacher as I was always curious about what messages our principal would be sharing with us on opening day. As a principal, I’m always curious about how my teachers will react to the messages I will be sharing with them on opening day. When developing… Read More

“It’s what’s best for kids.” Have you heard an administrator use this phrase to justify decisions? Did you think, “Cliche.” Or, “Easy for her to say.” Or, “How convenient, no one can argue with the merits of We do what’s best for kids.” Well, it’s true! Who can argue with it? No right-minded educator, that’s… Read More

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” Seneca For many, the new school year has already begun. For others, we are in the final planning stages before teachers and students return. Where will you lead your school this year? How do you determine to which “port” you… Read More