First post

Last year was my first year as the principal of a K-6 elementary school in rural Pennsylvania.

About this time one year ago, I decided to start a blog called “Principally Speaking,” where I was going to document each and every day, the trials and tribulations of being a first year principal.

Hardy… har… har!

To my credit, I completed about 5 or 6, lengthy, detail-oriented posts. I used that blog to allow my emotions to unravel after our first day of school, which truly went swimmingly… until after dismissal and a disgruntled parent let me hear his frustrations regarding bus transportation. All the while treating me with utmost respect by referring to me as “Sweetheart.”

I find value in blogging. I believe new principals can find relief, humor, and a sense of community knowing others are experiencing what they are experiencing.

Networking is crucial in this job, so I will attempt to keep this blog alive in Year 2.

I welcome comments, criticisms, support, and feedback – all in the name of what’s best for kids in the field of education.

That’s why we’re here.