Our school is good. It’s always been good. Kudos to my students, parents, and teachers for their success thus far.

Soon, good is not going to be good enough.  I know, I know, test scores aren’t everything- but we are accountable.  As the stakes rise, our reading performance may indeed not be “good” enough.

I want to embark on the PLC adventure with my staff. We’re starting slowly. Reeeally slowly. At the end of my first year, I made some changes in staffing, trying to put together the strongest teams of people possible in each grade level. My support specialists/data team staff are phenomenal. I couldn’t ask for more. They “get it.” They realize how to use student data to drive instruction. They are starting to help teachers better realize how formative assessments can shape instruction to best meet the needs of all learners. My counselor is top-notch. My support staff works hard. Parents are supportive and involved. Students are on board and do their best.

We are ready to take this journey.

The team mentality in my building is hit or miss in certain grade levels. There has historically been a lot of competition among individuals in the grade levels as well as those who are comfortable just “being.” Being alone in their classrooms and in their work. Being content with what has “always been.” This is no longer acceptable. I am a fan of competition – I was a collegiate athlete and know the positive effects competition can bring.

For those of you that participate in true PLCs and have experienced the power of PLCs in your school, I’d love to hear from you: what steps were taken to begin this process? What were the most meaningful aspects of the professional development provided to you to learn more about PLCs and their impact on student achievement? What resources did/do you find most valuable to use with your teaching team? What obstacles did you encounter? What did you most need/want from your administrators to help you with the process? Any other information you feel would be beneficial for a principal to know would be much appreciated.

Good to great. That’s where we need to go. Long road ahead, but we are talented and dedicated enough to do it. I am looking forward to leading the charge.

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  1. If you ever have the chance to hear Mike Mattos and/or Dr. Austin Buffum you should take the opportunity. Mattos states that before you can convince people to change or try something new, you must first give them a compelling reason why, then a doable plan. PLC’s are the doable plan. But, the compelling reason why is crucial! The link below will lead you to some of Mattos’ work – the “compelling slides” are part of his presentation and could be used a good starting point. Good luck!

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