Here is what we are doing right.

Started reading Leading Change in Your School by Doug Reeves on Friday. Figured I’d skim the content and garner some inspiration for the upcoming new year…. I started on page 1 and only a mere 75 pages later did I finally pause for an iced tea break.

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One of the most meaningful concepts I’ve encountered in Reeves’ early chapters is this: Don’t start a change initiative with mighty, charismatic speeches about what will change… instead, address with your faculty those things that will not change, because they are non-negotiable pieces of educational goodness that should not change.

What does your school do well? What things must be maintained in order to bring about positive changes in your organization?

I created a Wordle showcasing the qualities of my organization that are top-notch. We are so lucky to have phenomenal students, and though improvement in certain areas is needed, we will have no problems continuing on the journey to improved academic success for students due to these qualities and skills we already possess as a faculty.

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So the next time you need to introduce a change initiative in your school, be sure to complement your team, and encourage them to consider that the new change is not a result of all that they have been doing wrong, but rather a way to build upon all that they are doing right.

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