Good reads.

Two things I know: Teachers are busy people. Teachers (should) love learning. Keeping both of these aspects in mind, I wanted to plan to provide the gift of reading to our teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. I am introduced to so many meaningful titles throughout my online scavenging, and I knew my teachers would appreciate reading one…  many… all of the books I’ve come across.

I asked my Twitter friends what books they’d recommend to my staff… and, as usual, they did not disappoint.

Recommended Reads for Teachers on PhotoPeach

I compiled my tweeps’ results about recommended books on this Google Doc here: PLEASE ADD TO THIS LIST and share with others!

I ended up buying 5 copies each of 7 different titles. I invited my teachers to peruse the selection either individually or with their grade levels teams, and choose a book of interest. I encouraged them to read the book and to generate discussions about the content with their grade level/team peers, then return the books to the specially designated shelves in the library and choose another! I’m looking forward to the conversations sparked by these books throughout the summer and next year!

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