I have a new title.

Last week at our board meeting I was approved as the Elementary Technology Integrator and Coach. I assume the responsibilities that accompany this role with much excitement and absolute dizziness. Where… to…. begin?!

For one thing, I am still the principal of a K-6 elementary building of 475 students and 40+ staff. That’s not going away. Lots to do there.

I was approached by my assistant superintendent to take on the task of integrating technology into the curriculum and to seamlessly infuse its use into our classrooms and work with students. This summer I worked on using ISTE’s standards to develop a similar framework for use in our district K-6 and shared my ideas with her. Recognizing the need for someone who can guide teachers through this

Aaron Eyler just blogged about the Appropriate Use of Technology in K-12 Classrooms, and I agree with his views wholeheartedly. I want to work to ensure that our “technology” plan is not dependent on particular pieces of technology. I want to help our teachers realize that my role is to help them transform their learning environments so students are able to learn, create, evaluate, present, and collaborate in innovative ways. Technology will certainly help us, but it is not the be-all-end-all, and if teachers aren’t supported in its use, it won’t be technology use FOR learning at all.

Maybe I can request my “title” be changed to K-6 Elementary Learning Integrator and Coach.

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  1. Congrats on your new position. I think you will find it very rewarding. I mentor our new teachers, as well as am a tech integrator/mentor for all our teachers. It keeps me busy traveling between 7 buildings but I love it because I get into k-12 classrooms and get a chance to see our teachers grow as tech integrators.
    Good luck!
    (and remember, one educator at a time… everyone progresses at their own pace… some will embrace, some with resist- it is truly all about creating relationships will them. When they trust you they are more apt to work with you and accept your guidance and support)

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