“Busy is the default status.”

Photo from Flickr: Notahipster
Photo from Flickr: Notahipster

I’ve been busy, woe is me, my blog continues to go neglected.
But, as Dean says,

I declare a mortorium on the word busy. Everyone is busy, we get it. Busy is the default status. Let us know if that changes. — Dean Shareski

What’s been keeping me busy?

  • Keeping this updated, trying out Smore.
  • Playing with these.
  • Finishing my PKM diagram.
  • Planning a lesson schedule for these. Looking forward to teaching lots next month!
  • Reading this. (All parents should read. All educators should read. All people should read.) Want to discuss it? Join in here.
  • Writing this after I read this. (All school leaders should read!)
  • More reading: this and this and this.
  • Working on Project Life and journaling with Day One.
  • Seeking quality tech-infused projects for inclusion in our latest math curricula. Have any you’d like to share?
  • Learning from the fine folks who post, question, and share here daily.
  • Prepping for the Title 1 parent conference where I’ll share digital citizenship topics.
  • Dreaming of this.
  • Oh, and loving lots on Mr. Sneakypants. And remembering this is the most important thing I need to do right now. HT Dana!

How are you keeping busy?