Tweet The title of our staff’s latest shared Google presentation was, “Go Team Brecknock!” I’m not sure what compelled me to name it that, but I think it’s because the first hour of our morning (before we provided teachers with sweet freedom to collaborate with their grade level peers for the remainder of the day),… Read More

Tweet Many look to the principal to be the problem solver. We can’t agree on how to schedule these students. What should we do? There’s an issue with the lunch cards in the cafeteria. How should we handle it? My child is being bothered by another student. Can you help us? We’ve tried many different… Read More

Tweet “It’s what’s best for kids.” Have you heard an administrator use this phrase to justify decisions? Did you think, “Cliche.” Or, “Easy for her to say.” Or, “How convenient, no one can argue with the merits of We do what’s best for kids.” Well, it’s true! Who can argue with it? No right-minded educator,… Read More

Tweet Walkthrough observations take many forms in the elementary, middle, and secondary levels. This practice typically involves the principal or other supervisor spending a few minutes observing a classroom to take a quick pulse of the teaching and learning occurring. Some districts tie walkthrough reports into the formal teacher evaluation system. Others use walkthrough forms… Read More

Tweet How do you focus change efforts to create a more collaborative and mentoring culture for both educators and students? This was the topic of the 7/13 #edchat, and it sparked quality conversation among participants. I have worked in both self-contained elementary and middle school team teaching environments, and I truly believe that I developed… Read More