I have a new title. Last week at our board meeting I was approved as the Elementary Technology Integrator and Coach. I assume the responsibilities that accompany this role with much excitement and absolute dizziness. Where… to…. begin?! For one thing, I am still the principal of a K-6 elementary building of 475 students and… Read More

Wednesday I introduced the concept of professional learning communities with my staff. They were a gracious audience, but when it came time for feedback, one thing rang loud and clear: We don’t have time to meet collaboratively. We need the only 30-40 minutes of prep time that is scheduled each day for our own use.… Read More

Our school is good. It’s always been good. Kudos to my students, parents, and teachers for their success thus far. Soon, good is not going to be good enough.  I know, I know, test scores aren’t everything- but we are accountable.  As the stakes rise, our reading performance may indeed not be “good” enough. I… Read More

I am relatively new in my position as principal, but I have taught for enough years to know that we will always encounter “those kids” in our classrooms and schools. The kids that talk back. The ones that don’t hand in assignments. Students that are disrespectful. Bullies. Those that don’t give 100%. Kids that tell… Read More

Principals and other administrators need to help their teachers, students, and parents see the “big picture”… it’s too easy to get comfortable. When I look at this footage of our recent flight above my school, it reminds me of this. The View from Above… Read More

Last year was my first year as the principal of a K-6 elementary school in rural Pennsylvania. About this time one year ago, I decided to start a blog called “Principally Speaking,” where I was going to document each and every day, the trials and tribulations of being a first year principal. Hardy… har… har!… Read More