How do you focus change efforts to create a more collaborative and mentoring culture for both educators and students? This was the topic of the 7/13 #edchat, and it sparked quality conversation among participants. I have worked in both self-contained elementary and middle school team teaching environments, and I truly believe that I developed as… Read More

Will Richardson’s words, whether presented via a live session or found on his blog, Weblogg-ed, always inspire me to rethink. Richardson stressed that we have to start rethinking our linear way of doing things. Education is in a moment of severe transition. My absolute favorite words of the day? “Buckle up: you’re going to have… Read More

Last week I attended a conference at IU13 – “Leading the Net Generation” – featuring Will Richardson and Jason Ohler. The conference was designed to be a two-day experience with several different presenters, but due to snow days and the school year extending into the original conference dates for most of the schools in the… Read More

Started reading Leading Change in Your School by Doug Reeves on Friday. Figured I’d skim the content and garner some inspiration for the upcoming new year…. I started on page 1 and only a mere 75 pages later did I finally pause for an iced tea break. One of the most meaningful concepts I’ve encountered… Read More

Today’s our last day of school for students! This day holds a different meaning for me now that I am an administrator. I will miss the chatter of little voices in the hallways, classrooms, cafeteria, and playground, and requests to come inside and shoot hoops in my office! I know students and teachers will enjoy… Read More

“Student engagement is the product of motivation and active learning. It is a product rather than a sum because it will not occur if either element is missing.” — Elizabeth F. Barkley (Student Engagement Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty What are the best tools you’ve found to improve student engagement with the content/lesson and… Read More

Last weekend I got a haircut, and I had several inches trimmed from my length. I loved my longer hair, but as the inches grew they became less vibrant, and I realized those extra inches didn’t serve much of a purpose. Summer’s-a-coming, and this shorter new “do” made me think about what we, as educators,… Read More

Have you ever used the term “creative” to describe a student who perhaps did not conform to the “typical student” mold, for lack of a better word to describe him? In doing so, did you mean it as a compliment? You should have, because now more than ever, we need to embrace creativity in our… Read More

This past week our elementary personnel received professional development in the areas of Extending and Refining Strategies from Learning Focused Schools. When I think of extending and refining lessons, I think of the incorporation of more higher-order thinking skills and questioning techniques. Abstracting, comparing/contrasting, classifying/categorizing, analyzing perspectives, inductive and deductive reasoning, and error analysis are… Read More